Because your body is your biggest fan

A thank you gift for your body

Don’t we all want that: a thank you gift to let our body know that we care
about it and are grateful for it’s hard work? Because every single day
billions of cells in our body are working in harmony and doing their utmost to
make sure that our body can carry out all its functions. All your body cares
about is you! So if you’re experiencing pain, it’s not because your body feels
like teasing you. It’s your body’s way of telling you that you’ve just been
working too hard. The load on your shoulders is too big. Your body isn’t
failing you (even though it might feel like it is). It’s trying to tell you

Let’s say your body is a company with only two employees and a
huge pile of work. Most likely these employees will get stressed out because
there’s too much work. That’s precisely what happens to your body. When
your days are long and your nights are short, your body will let you know that
you are not listening to it’s natural needs. So instead of hating your body for
its aching muscles or the pain you’re experiencing, say ‘thank you’ to your
body for all the hard work it has done. And start treating your body as your
best friend.

Relax, reload and recharge

Come by Zensaties to relax, reload or recharge. Experience how your cells
react to gratitude; they love it! Gratitude generates positive energy that
enters your body. If you’re hitting yourself over the head because you didn’t
go to the gym (again!), you didn’t do this right or that right, then in fact you’re
only stressing out your body even more. The first step is to change the way
you look at things, the way you think. Start putting your mind to Use your
mind to change your body by entering a Zen state of mind.

Open your door for the higher energy

Join me at Zensaties and let me work on your body with an ‘open door’. Love
and light will enter an environment, a body, that is welcoming. If you are
feeling a lot of hatred or irritation in a particular spot, it will continue to
tighten up and you have what they call a ‘closed door’ or a ‘blockage’. People
tend to focus on these blockages, these complaints. I prefer to look for the
opening in your body because an opening is much more likely to go with the

It is also able to show the closed doors in your body that it is ok to relax.
The open door can lead by example so the closed doors or the blockages or
whatever you call them will join the rest of your body in its journey to
relaxation. Let sensations guide you on this journey and help you to start
taking care of your body by giving it gratitude, making it feel safe, and
showing compassion!

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