Create your own zen temple

A Zen temple in yourself and in the space where you live, let the space around you support, invite and inspire your inner temple.

Do you like meditating and taking a moment for yourself in your own way? How do you do it and what increases your pleasure? I have written a piece in response to questions from customers who a remote Reiki treatment received in their own environment and wanted to do something themselves or did not know what to do to enhance the effect and pleasure of that special moment. With love I share it with you and if you have questions or would like to share your own way and/or experience, always welcome! Send an email to . On youtube there are some videos where I share how I turned my workplace into a fine zen temple have made and what my Just zen it frog contributes.


Inspirational tools and supplies for a comfortable place: a journal, blanket, tissue, a candle, music/ guided meditation, a nice smell, flowers and a glass of water.

You do not have to do anything yourself to receive Reiki, in fact, REALLY NOT DOING anything is the best state to receive Reiki in. Just BE relaxed and ask for a treatment and receive it with gratitude is enough. Paradoxically, this is not always easy and you might also like to prepare yourself. Then you can make the distance treatment a small ceremony for yourself. Your caring in creating a sacred space for yourself contributes to opening up for the healing. You are saying an extra YES to yourself. Think of the time you have reserved to receive Reiki as your meditation moment. While you travel deeper and deeper into yourself, from a distance I send a great flow of healing Reiki energy to you.

Read on to find out how you can turn the distance treatment into a healing ceremony.

In advance:

  • Do not drink alcohol or other substances that affect your clarity.
  • Think about your intention and request for help.
  • Prepare the room as if you were receiving a highly honoured visitor. Welcome him with beautiful flowers, a nice fragrance and some music.
  • Sometimes, in preparation, I go sporting or dancing, and then I enjoy the moment of quiet time with myself.
  • Light a candle for your wish & intention. By doing so, you invite the energy and open the ceremony.
  • Create a comfortable place for yourself where you will not be disturbed. Sit or lie down comfortably, just as you would when receiving a physical treatment.


Putting your mind at zero and immersing yourself in the moment. "Just zen it", lovely, but usually more of an aspiration than a reality.

Therefore, some meditation tips:

  • See your thoughts as clouds in the sky, give them a nod as they fly by.
  • Sometimes it helps to look at yourself as a third person, the observer. Your first person is your physical body and your second person is your thoughts, the so-called "monkey mind", your mental body. The observer is free of judgement. The neutral approach of the observer helps your meditative state of being, you develop a different view of life.
  • You can calm your thoughts by observing your breathing or by using a breathing technique. What I like very much is to breathe quietly deep into your belly and slowly out.
  • It helps to be receptive and judgment-free. See what you are experiencing as if you were watching a film. Your own film that reveals itself is often very fascinating and has a lot to tell, so you can gain wise insights and digest events and give them a place.
  • You can sit in silence, with some music or a guided meditation. A guided meditation can help you to have a certain focus. You focus your attention, thoughts, on 1 specific subject; for example your wish or breathing.
  • After the treatment you thank the energy for what you have received and you close.


Side effects?
Depending on the depth of your treatment and process, different stages of healing can occur. Sometimes you are very relaxed and sink deep into your body; the treatment is immediately experienced as relieving and pleasant. Another time it can be that many themes are being touched that want healing. The aspects in your life and body that need healing, transformation and/or attention can make you restless during the process of becoming aware. Then realise that your body is clearing out and making room for more space and light in your system. Think of it as a detox; at first you will feel a bit worse but after a few days you will definitely feel better.

Drink plenty of lukewarm water after the treatment, the colour of your urine is a good indicator of whether you are drinking enough. Make sure your urine is a light colour, think of the balance, drinking too much does not have a better effect.

If you are dealing with a big theme and book several treatments, the following questions might be nice to contemplate: - How do I develop compassion towards myself?

- What helps to get more compassion?
- Where are the opportunities for growth? In what and/or how do I want to grow further?
- Which themes need extra attention and healing?


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