Courses and events

Reiki courses

4 and 5 June2022
(mini weekend retreat)
3rd day we plan together

9 July 2022
2nd day in consultation
3rd day online
20 August 2022
2nd day by mutual agreement
3rd day online

Reiki 1 course 1
10.00 - 17.00
10.00 - 15.00
2 hours, dates to be arranged
11 June 2022
Return day in consultation
Reiki 2 course1
10.00 - 17.00 hours
4 hours, dates to be agreed
€ 500,-*
10 June 2022Reiki 3 course110 a.m. - 5 p.m.€ 850,-*
6 March
3 April
1st May
5th June
3 July
Reiki evening
- meditation & table session
119:00 - 22:00€ 35,-

* The price of the courses includes VAT, course folder, coffee and tea and a follow-up day. The follow-up day is planned in consultation and takes 3 hours. Private courses are at additional cost. 

Women's Circle

2 March18:45 - 21:3045,00
1 April18:45 - 21:3045,00
30 April18:45 - 21:3045,00
30 May18:45 - 21:3045,00
29 June18:45 - 21:3045,00
28 July18:45 - 21:3045,00

Reiki courses

Reiki Course I

In the Reiki course I, you learn to attune yourself to Reiki. You learn to recognize and use the energy. Afterwards, you will be able to give yourself and others a Reiki treatment.
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Reiki Course II

Reiki II is a valuable deepening of the Reiki I course. This course strengthens your attunement to Reiki and gives you more insight into your own patterns.
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Reiki 3 Course

The Reiki 3 course consists of Reiki 3A & 3B, which form the final part of the Reiki training. In Reiki 3A you will receive an initiation and learn to work with the fourth and final symbol of the Usui tradition.
Read more about Reiki 3A

Reiki 3B Course

The Reiki course 3B is a personal development path that takes about half a year to a year. Among other things, you learn to give initiations and to guide certain processes of healing.
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Reiki evening: deepen your practice

Reiki practice evenings give people who have taken one or more Reiki courses the opportunity to exchange Reiki and experiences with other Reiki practitioners.
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Reiki techniques


Do you want to let go of your routine for 6 days and surrender to the flow of nature and Reiki energy?
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Yoga Amsterdam and Reiki in Amsterdam with Kyra - Zensaties

Women's Circle

The New Moon is the ideal time to turn inwards and recharge, gain new insights and plant seeds for the period ahead.
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The Rite of the Womb

A beautiful and powerful initiation where an incredible feminine power is released. Back to the great primal mother, so that you can open up again to receive and give gifts.
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Supporting yourself on your way to happiness

Do you want to discover the landscape of your inner world and use your body as a compass? Zensaties gives various Reiki courses and retreats in which you learn to support yourself on your way to happiness and relaxation with the help of practice sessions, treatments and homework.

Do you have your own practice for Reiki, or do you want to start your own practice? Then the Reiki courses and training may be tax deductible. Read more about Reiki training deductible