Introductory treatment

Is this your first treatment at Zensaties? Then you can make use of the introductory treatment once.

  • You get to know Kyra; her vision, treatment techniques and the Zensaties salon.

Choices to add to the Zensations tasting:

  • A short Reiki treatment
  • A mini ceremony and a sample of the VIP treatment
  • An oil made to measure
  • A deep tissue massage technique

This treatment is a mix of all the techniques* Kyra has learned in the last 15 years. This is the ideal way to try out which technique suits you best. This way you know for the next time which treatment you want to book. The VIP treatments are not part of this action, but you can discuss whether these treatments fit your wishes and are a nice sequel.

Components of this treatment are; a body scan from head to toe. Kyra massages each part of the body to give both parties an impression of how you feel. Afterwards a treatment plan is made. Some parts need more attention and maybe you have a specific wish, a body part that you want to have treated. At the end of the treatment you will receive Reiki, energy, together with Kyra you will discuss how long you would like Reiki for. Your opinion and wish are important! In this way Kyra makes the treatment exactly to measure. The intake will take about 10 minutes, depending on how much information needs to be provided.

A tailor-made oil starts with a minimum of €5, and extra strong is also €5. These two options are included in the introduction. Book online or fill in the contact form.

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