Awareness massage

Do you want to break patterns? Do you have goals you want to achieve? An awareness massage can help you. Kyra has a warm heart and a keen eye for where you would rather not be in your body. With a gentle hand and a sense of humour, she will look and feel with you for new ways to achieve your happiness.

Do you want:

  • Become aware of your own inner world?
  • Clearing old tensions and patterns?
  • letting go and making room for new energy?
  • set achievable new goals?

Come and see for yourself.

On the basis of intuitive contact

The awareness massage is characterised by long strokes and deep kneading, alternated with subtle touches guided by intuition, which relax the body and help the process of awareness. Central to this massage is the intuitive contact. I mostly use classical massage techniques such as stroking and kneading and apply these in a holistic way. The treatment is a combination of relaxation massage, deep muscle kneading and trigger point grips. The treatment is actually never the same because I let it be guided by your body and the needs of your body can be different every time.

Two variants

This form of massage has two variants: introverted and extroverted. Sometimes they alternate. But the core is the same: finding out what lies beneath the complaint. You can consciously experience what your body is like. The body is a mirror of yourself. In this way you can examine where tensions are being held and what they want to say. With an awareness massage you take the time to reflect on yourself, to clear away old tensions or not yet processed emotions and give them a place.

Introverted massage

In the introvert version, we first discuss what you want to achieve or what is bothering you. Then we start working in silence on the massage table. You feel and talk with your own body and I follow my intuition and remove the blockages from your body. Because of the silence you can feel more deeply where the bottlenecks are and you can be more aware of your own thoughts. Through awareness you have a conversation with your body.

Extravert massage

In the extrovert version you talk about your problems or complaints and I feel where the related stress is stored in your body. It is often the case that you automatically tighten your muscles just by talking about a certain subject. Together we will try to release this tension, me on the outside with massage and questions and you on the inside by answering and reacting with your body.

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