Reiki 3 course

The Reiki 3 course consists of Reiki 3A & 3B, which form the final part of the Reiki training. In Reiki 3B, you will learn how to initiate, guide and help people grow. If you want to become a teacher, look at the information about 3B.

The course day Reiki 3 A is a deepening and merging of all Reiki lessons and symbols that you have previously learned. In order to guide this personal deepening process well, there are some extras with this course.

  • two treatments of 90 minutes, may also be Reiki massages.
  • a personally tailored mp3 meditation for you,
    & a telephone consultation and a distance treatment.

If you have completed Reiki 1 and 2 elsewhere, it is nice and advisable to schedule a private consultation with Kyra before the course day so that she knows how you have learned and where you stand on your Reiki path.
What parts and processes have you gone through since your Reiki 2 course?
How do you interpret and integrate the symbols and working with energy?
Depending on what you want to do with Reiki (only for yourself or also treat others?), putting theory into practice is an important subject. In the end it is about letting go of all the theory and becoming 1 with the energy.
The path to that goal is often less simple (-; and what we run into already starts to become clear during the practice with the Reiki 2 symbols. Reiki 3 is a mastering of all your own challenges, embracing the dark pieces and bringing the light home.

Sign up & info

The Reiki 3 course (Reiki 3A) consists of 3 parts: 1 full day and a return day. The follow-up day is scheduled 3 weeks after the course.

  • Date: 10 June 2022 and on request.
  • Time: 10.00 - 17.00 (reception from (9:45))
  • Location: First Laurel Street 2
  • Cost: € 850,-*
  • This includes: the course day and the return day,
    two treatments of 90 minutes, may also be Reiki massages
    a personally tailored mp3 meditation for you,
    a telephone consultation and a distance treatment,
    the certificate & the course folder,
    coffee, tea and fruit.
  • Number of participants: max. 8 persons
  • Sign up: With more than one participant the price is €850,-, if you are the only one on the course day the surcharge is €150,- . A self-booked private course is €1700.
NB Do you have your own Reiki practice, or do you want to start your own practice? Then the Reiki courses and training may be tax deductible.
Read more about Reiki training tax deductible

In Reiki 3A you receive one initiation and learn to work with the fourth and final symbol of the Usui tradition.

That symbol helps you to bring the healing, heavenly energy into your body and be present in the now. It is the total connection with the life energy in you, the great light in you. It helps you to become even more one with Reiki.
To recognise, honour and nurture the Reiki energy in yourself more and more, and to treat it as your highest priority. All aspects where your energy goes, that are not in line with your highest energy, will become clear.
You will become a MASTER in discerning energies and regulating your own emotions, thoughts and patterns. The initiation shines light on your soul and opens your crown chakra, the home of enlightenment. The place where the tamashi lives; the seed of the soul.

The deepening with Reiki 3A and the Master symbol, helps you to see your own karmic patterns and functions on the level of the spiritual body. The effect is the great light with a high energy vibration that goes like a laser beam to the soul of the recipient. The energy is strong and goes very deep. Going for your Mastership implies an extraordinarily powerful healing at the level of the deepest cause.
You will receive two treatments in this course, because I attach great importance to paying attention to your personal process. This way we have a personal moment twice.

Reiki Master Course - The beginning of a new journey

The title "Master" almost sounds as if you are finished, enlightened. Becoming a Reiki Master with the Reiki 3 course is not an end station in my eyes, but the beginning of a new journey. Just like when you went from grade eight to first grade. You get the opportunity to open new doors - and your eyes - and to travel even further. You go one step further in your development.

Becoming a Reiki Master
Becoming a Reiki master is the highest degree you can attain. With Reiki 3A you learn how to become a master of your own life. You learn to recognise your karma themes and how to heal them. Your path in this life becomes even clearer for you, and issues that you encounter are a "feast" to work on with the Master symbol.

Learning process of Reiki Master
You learn the Master symbol, which allows you to go even deeper into patterns. Your intuition is strengthened even more and you now work with Reiki on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. During the learning process of your journey to become a Reiki Master, you learn to make connections between complaints and possible causes of complaints.

The course takes one full day and a return day of four hours. It is highly recommended to attend practice evenings and other Reiki events. Individual sessions are a valuable addition to your process and a prerequisite if you want to continue learning 3B.

Continuing Reiki Master course

If you want to be able to give Reiki courses yourself, you will start with Reiki 3B. This is a personal path that takes about half a year to a year. You will learn how to give initiations, how to set up a Reiki course and how to guide certain healing processes. After the preparations, your training ends with a one-day course.