Telephone consultation

Telephone consultation

If you need a listening ear or have questions.

Love Kyra

Sometimes a treatment or course raises questions, or triggers a lot of emotions.
Would you like to pay some attention to this? Or are there things you would like to discuss with me?

Then a telephone consultation might be a good option for you.
Also useful, if you would like to discuss some things, but don't have the time (yet) to plan a new treatment. There is also an option for receiving Reiki energy from a distance, which can be combined well with a telephone consultation. For more information, please look at the online offer.

Listening ear

In a telephone consultation of half an hour, I take the time for your question and offer an attentive and listening ear.
You can schedule this at a time that suits you, by emailing, calling or emailing me.
I will be ready for your call!

Short questions can be asked by mail or by phone.
If you think that the question requires more than 10 minutes time, a telephone consultation is recommended.

Personally tailored meditation

During a Reiki treatment I attune to what may come in for you at that moment. I can also do this from a distance. I will then connect to your energy field (let me make it very clear that I only do and can that with your permission!). In such a connection I can send you energy and also record an appropriate meditation, which you will receive as an mp3.

The treatment is a unique moment where I receive a message or meditation for you. Translating what I feel for you during the healing into words can be very nice to listen to later. (This is very useful for the curious people who always ask "but what do you think/feel?)
In addition, if you meditate more often at home, the effect of the treatment intensifies. A treatment always lasts a few days and meditation helps to integrate the healing and awareness process. In the meditation I will process your wish and possible (Reiki) exercises if you wish.