VIP treatments

The VIP treatments are not just a massage.

The VIP treatments are meant to put you in your light and power, they go a step further and deeper than the other massages. The VIP treatment package is a luxurious form of a strippenkaart and consists of a minimum of three VIP treatments. You will be given priority on the agenda, which makes multiple treatments possible for you in a short time.

You can book several VIP treatments, private ceremonies and rituals at Zensaties. Together we will make a selection that suits your needs.

Types of VIP treatments:

Treatment method VIP treatment package

Each VIP treatment has its own intention and ritual to ask for access and to be allowed to enter into your being, together we go on a journey through your body. The muscles are taken along, but also the emotional trigger points and energetic blockages are touched and exposed, so that they get room to transform. Every part of you gets full attention and a loving womb to surrender to. If you wish, you can continue a ritual at home with short meditations and delicious oils that help to give the new energy a home in your body.

Because of the intensity of the treatment, the energy has more chance to flow freely again. You can see it as cleaning up and rearranging. "When the "zen quarter" with its accompanying lesson really falls, these are seeds of light that contribute to a radiant being."

In order to make room for those quarters, a certain basis is needed, which is why we make a tailor-made plan together:

  1. Together, we establish the core of the problem. Expose the weak spots, trigger points and desires.
  2. We choose a direction and which ceremony and treatments fit it.
  3. You will receive an enormous shot of new energy and blissful treatments. A true Zensation!

Zensations treatment

A zensational mix of all massage techniques that Zensaties offers. You will be pampered and don't have to do anything. Read more about it

Awareness massage

Do you want to break through patterns that are anchored in the body? Together we open doors in your system so that you can more easily make contact with a deeper layer in yourself and your awareness grows. Read more

Rite of the Womb

This treatment focuses on the pelvic area, lower back, abdomen and legs. For a safe bedding in yourself. Come more into your feminine power and create a safe bed for yourself. Read more about this treatment

Reiki initiation private & session

During this private session, the Reiki energy in your body is awakened. Your body receives extra energy to be a channel for the Reiki energy. Read more about this session

Pink Amethyst

This treatment is aimed at opening your heart. Especially the chest, shoulders, neck and arms will be included, so that you can spread your wings openly and in love. Read more

Massage Retreat Yoga and Reiki in Amsterdam with Kyra - Zensaties

Body, mind & spirit coaching

If you notice that you spend a lot of time in your head and find it difficult to sink into your body, this treatment will help you to come home to your body and strengthen the connection with your true self. Read more

Why do you choose an intensive VIP package?

  • When you have a particular issue and want insight and clarification.
  • When you want peace in your mind and notice that you are running in circles with certain patterns.
  • When you want to flow physically.

If a complaint has been present for some time, it is highly likely that it has a deeper meaning and will not disappear after one treatment. Zensaties offers an intensive course of at least 3 treatments for clients who want to go deeper into a complaint.

There is more time to become aware, more can come to light. Because treatments are momentary recordings, different effects can arise and deeper insights can take place. With the help of Reiki, massage techniques, my own intuition and what your body indicates, we go to the core. Your core!

With the treatment plan, we set a specific intention. Besides a concrete plan, an energetic flow is created that intensifies your wish and shines a light on your path. In this way it becomes clearer which steps you can take yourself to realise your wish.

Together, we look at what you need and get to know your needs. We create space for something new. Something new in your system; body and life. So new that we cannot shape it and determine what it will become. My commitment to travel with you will be there, will you come?

Everything happens from love for you, instead of "I want to get rid of the complaint, I hate that I am.... etc.".
I have written something similar about this before in a blog: your body is your biggest fan.

The programme is as follows:

  1. Become aware of the sting. Where is the hitch?
  2. Commitment to do that which magnifies your light.
  3. Your body will initiate a natural detox, making room for something new.
  4. We formulate an intention, your wish, and give attention, energy and light to the parts of you that want to shine.
  5. This is the part of the process where we surrender to the Reiki and trust that the energy will lead us to a beautiful insight and pattern.

You will be given a small bottle of oil to take home with you that you can use with your homework. The "homework" will consist of:

  • Small moments to perform the tailor-made meditations for you.
  • Possibly some physical exercises, for your posture.
  • Making and implementing a plan that suits your new way of life.

Investment from you:

  1. Thinking about your wishes.
  2. Make time for yourself and this route. Here are some tips that I recommend for another ritual.

Please contact Kyra if you have any questions or would like to schedule a session.

Take into account that you may have to walk longer and build in extra time for yourself around the planned sessions. Would you like to walk together on your path to "home", to come home to yourself. Read more in my blog.

Do you want to know more about Reiki? Then please read the most frequently asked questions, if you have any questions after that, please let me know.

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Massage Retreat Yoga and Reiki in Amsterdam with Kyra - Zensaties
Massage Retreat Yoga and Reiki in Amsterdam with Kyra - Zensaties
Foot massage retreat Yoga and Reiki in Amsterdam with Kyra - Zensaties