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About Zensations:

Zensaties is a warm place in the centre of Amsterdam, in the Jordaan. It is a safe haven where people can come home to themselves and recharge. Tranquillity, hospitality, respect and hygiene are of paramount importance.
With "Just zen it" I mean a state of being, where you have found your own resting point in yourself, regardless of the circumstances around you. At Zensaties you can find inspiration to reach the "Just Zen it" state of being through massages, Reiki, women's circles, education in the field of health and spirituality. With a Buddhist, Shamanic and Chinese healing element.

I take great care and love of the premises and am looking for like-minded entrepreneurs who also want to support people in the field of a healthy lifestyle. To flourish and grow together in the "Just zen it nest" and strengthen each other.

About Kyra
I am Kyra (1984) and a qualified and experienced NGS sports and relaxation masseur, Reiki master and running instructor.
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I come to support your team, through workshops, body coaching or massages. Please contact me to request a quote or to schedule an introductory meeting.
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I am happy to rent the space to colleagues who also want to inspire others in the field of health, spiritedness and education/coaching
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Zensaties location Amsterdam Yoga and Reiki in Amsterdam with Kyra - Zensaties

In recent years I have written many blogs about Reiki and massages. For more information and inspiration.

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1. What is Reiki?

The Japanese Reiki sign consists of 2 parts, of which the upper part stands for REI (universal) and the lower part for KI (energy). Reiki is life energy. The part KI in Reiki, is called Chi in Chinese and in India | Sanskrit one speaks of prana. It is not a technique or method.

Reiki is not a religion. It is. Reiki has no faith or form of religion. The way it is passed on to others is, however, a method.

The healing method has its roots in Japan. Reiki in Japanese means "Universal Life Energy". The word universal already indicates it: Reiki is accessible to everyone. Because the roots of Reiki lie in Japan, the philosophy has a Buddhist core and it is certainly of a spiritual nature, but it is not necessary to have a belief system in order to learn to use Reiki.

The founder Mikao Usui wanted the techniques to be available to everyone.

Reiki is a method to take in energy from the energy field for yourself or for others. Reiki supports the self-healing capacity of body and mind. On a physical level it supports your immune system and on a spiritual level the energy ensures that your inner strength becomes stronger, so that you feel better about yourself, which in turn has an effect on your health.

2. How does Reiki "work"?

During "working" with Reiki, a connection is made with the Universal Life Energy by opening the crown, letting the Reiki flow into the body and connecting with the energy. Reiki is then passed on through the hands by laying hands on the physical body or by holding the hands slightly above it.

Everyone is by nature (from birth) able to take in energy from the energy field. This ability is impeded to a greater or lesser degree by various causes, so that we are no longer able to take in enough energy. The reasons for this are various and are often called blockages.
Often it has to do with personal experiences and a certain created way of life and beliefs. Reiki ensures that the ability to take in energy is restored so that you can take in the energy better. Important is your own intention to fully connect with the energy flow again.

There are certain meditations that can help to increase the flow of energy in your body: Bubbles of Light.

3. How does a remote treatment work?

A Reiki treatment can also take place at a distance, without you being in the same room as the practitioner. This is called a distance treatment. The practitioner connects to your energetic field and gives your energy Reiki. You could see this as a large dose of positive energy that goes to the person being treated.

Giving someone Reiki from a distance is something you learn with Reiki 2. Experiencing the laying on of hands in someone's presence and physical touch has a different effect. Touch in itself has a healing effect and with touch and contact it is sometimes easier to be present in the NOW and in the body. It also increases the body awareness and thus the healing power. Energetically this works the same, only here it is more about the sensitivity and trust of the person in Reiki (does not mean that if it is not clearly experienced, nothing happens... the energy always flows).

4. What can I expect after a treatment?

Everyone is different and therefore the effect of Reiki on everyone is different, but in general there are a number of wonderful benefits of Reiki:

  • Brings relaxation.
  • Peace in both head and body.
  • More energy.
  • Stronger immune system.
  • Teaches you to better understand and respond to your body's signals.
  • Better communication with your emotional world.
  • More sense of "happiness".
  • Energy pathways, chakras and other functions of the body become more balanced.

The effects mentioned can occur either separately or simultaneously.

Our body is always moving in order to achieve balance and a healthy state. If we stagnate this movement, we are "troubled" by it. After a Reiki treatment the stagnation is lifted, harmonising this process needs time. That is why we say: "the treatment will continue for a few days".

You can notice it in your sleep, urine, sweat, moods... everything. It doesn't have to be this way, but don't be alarmed if suddenly something is different from "normal".

Drink lukewarm water regularly and preferably no alcohol. It can also happen that symptoms increase after treatment, but only for a short time after which you feel better.

5. How can I prepare for a treatment or course?

Take some time for yourself beforehand, do exactly what helps you to come to terms with yourself. For example: a walk, meditation, a long shower and an evening alone with yourself.

Form a clear intention, your deepest wish, which may bubble up from your toes. Forming your deepest wish. "A clear wish

A pure wish that comes from a loving heart full of trust. Sometimes we have wishes that are actually solutions thought up by fear, only then wearing a disguise. Or a wish that comes from an old pattern.

A wish from pure love for yourself is a gift to your body. Do things, such as booking a treatment, because you love your body and want to support it, not because you want to get rid of a complaint.

Read: Your body is your biggest fan.

6. How can I prepare for a distance treatment at home?

Create a healing ceremony in your own chosen environment.

Inspirational tools and supplies for a comfortable place: a journal, blanket, tissue, a candle, music/ guided meditation, a nice smell, flowers and a glass of water.

You do not have to do anything yourself to receive Reiki, in fact, REALLY NOT DOING anything is the best state to receive Reiki in. Just BE relaxed and ask for a treatment and receive it with gratitude is enough. Paradoxically, this is not always easy and you might also like to prepare yourself. Then you can make the distance treatment a small ceremony for yourself. Your caring in creating a sacred space for yourself contributes to opening up for the healing. You are saying an extra YES to yourself. Think of the time you have reserved to receive Reiki as your meditation moment. While you travel deeper and deeper into yourself, from a distance I send a great flow of healing Reiki energy to you.

Please also read the information on the website.

How to make the distance treatment a healing ceremony?

In advance:

  • Do not drink alcohol or other substances that affect your clarity.
  • Think about your intention and request for help.
  • Prepare the room as if you were receiving a highly honoured visitor. Welcome him with beautiful flowers, a nice fragrance and some music.
  • Light a candle for your wish & intention. By doing so, you invite the energy and open the ceremony.
  • Create a comfortable place for yourself where you will not be disturbed. Sit or lie down comfortably, just as you would when receiving a physical treatment.


Putting your mind at zero and immersing yourself in the moment. "Just zen it", lovely, but usually more of an aspiration than a reality.

Therefore, some meditation tips:

  • See your thoughts as clouds in the sky, give them a nod as they fly by.
  • Sometimes it helps to look at yourself as a third person, the observer. Your first person is your physical body and your second person is your thoughts, the so-called "monkey mind", your mental body. The observer is free of judgement. The neutral approach of the observer helps your meditative state of being, you develop a different view of life.
  • You can calm your thoughts by observing your breathing or by using a breathing technique. What I like very much is to breathe quietly deep into your belly and slowly out.
  • It helps to be receptive and judgment-free. See what you are experiencing as if you were watching a film. Your own film that reveals itself is often very fascinating and has a lot to tell, so you can gain wise insights and digest events and give them a place.
  • You can sit in silence, with some music or a guided meditation. A guided meditation can help you to have a certain focus. You focus your attention, thoughts, on 1 specific subject; for example your wish or breathing.
  • After the treatment you thank the energy for what you have received and you close.


If you are dealing with a big topic and book several treatments, the following questions might be nice to contemplate.

- What helps to develop more compassion?
- Where are the opportunities for growth? In what and/or how do I want to grow further?
- Which themes need extra attention and healing?

7. How many treatments are recommended?


This depends very much on the reason why you come for a treatment. If you come because you are in need of relaxation, then it could be that you come once and then can rest on it for a while and then make another appointment when you are ready. If, on the other hand, you want to treat a theme, then it is advisable to come regularly. Think once a week or once every 2 weeks. This is more of an in-depth trajectory.

I cannot entirely predict or influence what Reiki does. You will feel if you want more, if so I would definitely plan a number of treatments in a row. If you like to have moments of meditation and healing in your hands (literally and figuratively), then a course is recommended.

8. What options are there for in-depth processes?


If a complaint has been present for some time, it will most likely have a deeper meaning and will not disappear after one treatment.

Then an intensive course of at least four treatments in one month is something I would like to do with you, in order to consciously and more deeply explore the complaint for a month. Because of the intensity of the treatment, the energy has more chance to flow freely again. There is more time to become aware, more can come to light. Because treatments are momentary recordings, different effects can arise and deeper insights can take place. With the help of Reiki, my own intuition and what your body indicates, we will go to the core. Your core!

Together, we look at what you need and get to know your needs. We create space for something new. Something new in your system; body and life. So new that we cannot shape it and determine what it will become. My commitment to travel with you will be there, will you come?

Pathway A (only with Reiki):

The programme is as follows:

  1. Become aware of the sting. Where is the hitch?
  2. Commitment to really wanting to let go of what is bothering you.
  3. Your body will initiate a natural detox, making room for something new.
  4. We formulate an intention, your wish, and give attention, energy and light to the parts of you that want to shine.
  5. This is the part of the process where we surrender to the Reiki and trust that the energy will lead us to a beautiful insight and pattern.

Investment from you:

  1. Thinking about your wishes.
  2. Make time for yourself and this route. Here are some tips that I recommend for another ritual.
  3. Four treatments from €280.

Pathway B (with massage):

  1. Three treatments of 2 hours €599

Please contact Kyra if you have any questions or would like to schedule a session.

Take into account that you may have to walk longer and build in extra time for yourself around the planned sessions. Would you like to walk together on your path to "home", to come home to yourself. Read more in my blog.

8. What are the top five coaching topics?

  • Self-confidence & Self-love
  • Ease physical discomfort and increase energy throughout the day
  • Energy management and acting on the signals from your body
  • Inner peace and relaxation
  • Living more consciously and being present in the now

9. How does Reiki feel?

When you have experienced a Reiki treatment several times, you get to know the energy and you become familiar with how it feels.

This is really a matter of experience. If you often receive a Reiki treatment, you will get to know the energy and how it feels.

Usually people first feel the effect of the Reiki. Feeling the energy itself is quite complicated, because it is quite subtle. The Reiki energy is the same every time, the effects and the experiences are different every time, because the moment and the persons are different.

You have never had a Reiki treatment before? Then I recommend you to enter the treatment as much as possible without any expectations. Also read my blog with tips.

This will make you sit less in your head and let the energy come over you and really experience it.

10. What kind of complaint can I make?

You could go to Reiki with any complaints. Reiki has an intelligence of its own and knows exactly where it needs to be in your body. Sometimes a physical complaint may be obvious, but there may also be something else underlying it, and that will be highlighted.

However, always keep in mind that Reiki is no replacement for regular care (think of medication or a course of treatment by a doctor). Reiki is an addition and can act as a reinforcement to speed up your healing.

Reiki is always healing, it always brings movement into your energy field. What you need either comes to you right away or it becomes clear what you need. Together we will look what suits you. I am happy to refer you if I think you are better off somewhere else. It is all about you and what you need.

Popular complaints that people come for:

  • headache
  • mulling
  • bad sleep
  • gloom
  • little contact with one's own strength, joy or direction in life.

11. What can I do to create more zen in my life?

  • Create a private place in your home where you can retreat and be yourself. A place where you have things that make you happy and that remind you of your intentions.
  • Your heart is a magnet that attracts what you desire. Gratitude is the highest frequency and therefore I would regularly do a meditation at where you express what you are grateful for.
  • Learning to meditate... is an art. Meditation does not always have to be done in a sitting position. The trick is to learn to detach from sensations and thoughts. This helps you to look at your path with a clear mind.
  • When you feel discomfort in your body, moving also works very well. Think of dancing in your living room by feeling. Feel how your body wants to move, your body knows what it needs.

Read tip: Create your own Zen temple.

12. What has Reiki given Kyra?

I have begun to live more confidently, in surrender and with a deeper connection in life, with myself and with others. I have better communication with my higher self and the universe. This manifests itself in hearing whispers, in synchronicity, in the feeling of happiness and enthusiasm, in clear vision and in symbolism.

The events on my path are easier to deal with, because I see them as lessons to bring me to my true path or to keep me there.

Reiki was introduced into my life as a hand laying. The benefits of laying on of hands were already enormous! The laying on of hands is THE way to pass on Reiki to others and to yourself. The effects are usually first noticed physically and spread to the mental part in your life and then to all the facets you have to deal with. With the answers to the most frequently asked questions, I hope to give you an idea of what Reiki can mean to someone. You can read more about this further on.

I never dreamed that the ripple effect of Reiki would have such an impact on my whole life and being.

My enthusiasm and gratitude is great and I am happy to share it.

13. What is the difference between a Reiki massage and a Reiki treatment?

A Reiki massage makes a link between the two systems, which together have an invigorating effect.

During a Reiki treatment the hands lie still on the body and sometimes a little above the body (then the energetic field around the body is treated), this treatment is with clothes on. During a massage, the hands move and massage techniques are carried out and, if desired, oil can be used on bare skin. It has to do with personal preference, one person can sink deeply into the body if there is just a touch and also a massage and another person only wants the Reiki. I myself find both wonderful and therefore I have developed a combination.

A tense muscle does not always respond with relaxation when touched, sometimes it stiffens more when triggered by an internal process. I have a good feeling for whether the tissue needs a deep massage or whether it can be treated energetically on another layer.

The treatments at Zensaties support you in going through your inner processes while raising your consciousness. The treatments are aimed at your emotional and physical trigger points, which contain lessons and are in my eyes doors to a deeper layer in yourself. The touch transmits energy at a high frequency.

Read more on the page https://www.zensaties.nl/reiki/reiki-massage/

Both treatments are aimed at letting the energy flow. The combination of Reiki and massage is the most booked treatment at Zensaties.

14. Can you combine Reiki with other treatments?

YES! I would love to.

Sometimes you get so stuck mentally that the shift to other patterns does not happen automatically. Therapy is then advisable, which form suits you is your search. Reiki will support you on that path of insight, processing, relaxation and recovery.

BUT: Reiki does not replace these therapies. So, never use Reiki alone instead of the recommended therapy.

15. Does a Reiki treatment have any contraindications or side effects?

Reiki strengthens the healthy part in you, not the illnesses. That is how I see it.

Don't want to fill in too much of what you might feel/experience. I rather advise people to enter the treatment without expectations. This ensures that you are less absorbed in your head and can let the energy come over you and really experience it.

Reiki can support the intended effect of medicines and reduce any side effects. Never give up medicine if you are not a doctor yourself, do not go and do the doctoring yourself. See Reiki as a support, not as a replacement.

Side effects of Reiki:

  • Depending on the depth of your treatment and process, different stages of healing can occur. Sometimes you are very relaxed and sink deep into your body; the treatment is immediately experienced as relieving and pleasant.
  • At other times it may be that many themes are being touched that want healing. The aspects in your life and body that need healing, transformation and/or attention can make you restless during the process of becoming conscious. Then realise that your body is clearing out and making room for more space and light in your system. Think of it as a detox; at first you will feel a bit worse but after a few days you will definitely feel better.
  • Drink plenty of lukewarm water after the treatment, the colour of your urine is a good indicator of whether you are drinking enough. Make sure your urine is a light colour, think of the balance, drinking too much does not have a better effect.
  • If you do a lot of Reiki, your body reacts more strongly to stimulants, such as alcohol.
  • Reiki heals and enlightens, but it also brings to light where there are disruptions. It can therefore contribute to a process of becoming more aware. Fatigue and old ailments can surface. Everything that has been suppressed can surface and this can express itself in various ways. Do not be frightened by this, it only means that your body is healing. Pain, cold, trembling or shaking and perspiration are not immediate causes for concern. The body is freeing itself.

16. Is it normal to have a headache after treatment?

It is not a standard phenomenon, but it does occur regularly.

  • Reiki works as a detox, it may be that tension is released from the muscles, giving a pulse to the skull and causing headaches.
  • A reaction of toxins leaving the body can also sometimes be accompanied by headaches.
  • Especially if you think a lot, it is quite normal for the pressure in your head to find a way out.

17. Can children also receive and/or learn Reiki?

Read more: Reiki for children.

Children are completely open to the universal energy of Reiki, one of the reasons why I enjoy giving Reiki to children so much. Their limited life experience makes them more 'pure' and receptive to Reiki than adults. It is so beautiful to see how the child feels in his or her skin and leaves Zensaties with more self-confidence after the treatment.


The benefits of Reiki apply to a child just as they do to adults. The energy of Reiki restores harmony and accelerates the natural healing process in the body. The treatment consists of gentle hand placements. By giving children a Reiki treatment, their self-awareness is increased. Their energy starts flowing again, which further stimulates their development and growth.

Course questions

1. Can you give Reiki to yourself?

Yes, you can also give a Reiki treatment to yourself. It is very easy and you learn how to do this during a Reiki 1 course (link to register for Reiki course 1). It is an empowering feeling to get a better relationship with your body and to learn to understand the signals it gives. But also to be able to tap into the self-healing capacity through Reiki that flows through your own hands. During a course you will learn how to connect with the Reiki

2. What can you do after the course?

  • Giving yourself and others a Reiki treatment,
  • Guarding your energy, even when treating others,
  • Integrate the positive effects of Reiki into your life,
  • Getting to know your body's signals,
  • Deepening the connection with yourself (even more),
  • Participate in all Reiki events.

3. Why should I choose a Reiki course?

If you want to have Reiki literally and figuratively always at hand.

It is a ritual and an enormous amount of energy that you receive, through which you can work on your health. You can then learn to use Reiki yourself as a tool to understand yourself better, to recharge yourself and to strengthen the trust in your body. Your hands are your tools and you can take every minute that is available to you. In the queue at the AH, in a traffic jam, on the bus or during a meeting.

There are four different courses:

  • Reiki 1 (physical) is an introduction to Reiki, you will be treating yourself and perhaps others already and you will experience the effect of Reiki on the body.
  • With Reiki 2 (emotional) you learn the symbols (treat at a distance; strengthen the energy; treat themes). Some physical complaints arise on an emotional level and then you can try to deal with the complaint physically, but then it will keep coming back because you are not dealing with the fears/feelings that cause the physical complaints. Here you will treat others and strengthen your intuition.
  • https://www.zensaties.nl/reiki-master-worden/
  • Reiki 3A (mental) is about deepening. Think about convictions that cause
  • Reiki 3B (master) addresses the deeper layers of your Being; karmatic themes and your soul mission are touched.

4. What is a Reiki course day like?

There are several Reiki courses at Zensaties, namely Reiki 1, 2 and 3. The structure of the course days are similar, only the content will differ.

  • Day 1: Receiving general knowledge/ background information and the initiations.
    With a Reiki initiation a large concentrate of Reiki is bundled together and passed on in one go. Your channel for universal life energy is "rinsed clean" and you learn to be a channel for transmitting. During the day you will learn many exercises that fit your wishes. I keep the group small so that there is plenty of personal attention and room for tailor-made assignments.
  • 1 month in between to apply the learned Reiki methods at home to yourself or a loved one. Write down what you have run into or have questions about so that you can ask these on day 2.
  • Day 2: Giving and receiving Reiki treatments are the focus of this day. You will also receive your final initiation and there will be time to ask questions. This day will be concluded with the obtaining of your Reiki certificate.

5. Am I a healer after attending the course?

I do not call myself a healer, because I see myself as a 'conduit' for the energy. Therefore is the actual healer in my eyes, the self-healing capacity of the reiki receiver. I support the healing process.

The person being treated decides on a subconscious level what happens to the energy and how much energy he or she needs. This makes that the practitioner is only a kind of intermediary to the energy field.

You can make a huge contribution to a healing process, if you look at it that way you can call yourself a healer.

6. What is an initiation or attunement?

During a course you get a number of initiations, you could see an initiation as a shot of energy that opens your energy channel and "cleans" it. From that moment on you can apply Reiki, and the more you apply it in your life, the more energy will enter your system and you will start to recognise it.

During an initiation I channel the Reiki energy into my own body, this is what I often describe as being in service of the energy. I create a sacred space around me, in myself and in the receiver. I support where I think it is necessary, for example through touch or another technique to open the body of the other person for the frequency and to make space for the flow.

You can also see tuning as searching for the right radio station, you know, turning a radio knob to shut out the noise and get the right music station clear.

Your willingness ultimately determines how much energy you receive and allow.

Attunement is a technique in which the teacher (the Reiki Master) acts as a kind of intermediary to bring you (back) into better contact with the universal energy field.

After an initiation you are part of the Reiki community; the energetic network. You can then also participate in all kinds of Reiki events.

7. Is the Reiki with Reiki 2 stronger than Reiki 1?

Short answer yes! It is next level on several levels, you learn more from the Reiki and you get to know several levels of your being.

The initiation is the same ritual during each course grade, only each time there is a different door that is opened/wants to be opened.

The healing comes when you are ready. Every moment is different, just like a treatment is different every time, an initiation will also touch and awaken another part in you. The more you are involved with Reiki, the deeper you circle inwards. When Reiki flows through your body, there are different layers that are touched, which you can call different levels. The more you do Reiki and take courses, the more depth there is in your healing process.

With reiki 2 and 3 you also learn symbols with a meaning. The intention has an effect on you and saying yes is saying yes to awakening the process that goes with the intention.

8. What are Reiki symbols?

Reiki symbols are tools to use the reiki energy. The symbols have no value in themselves. Only when they are applied by an ordained reiki practitioner do they have any effect. The classical Usui Reiki uses three symbols. They are partly based on the Japanese writing system, Kanji.

9. Why is practicing Reiki in a group more powerful?

If you come together with like-minded people, you feel at ease and your own energy doubles, so if you are with four people, for example, it becomes even more intense.

I am a great believer in lifting each other up together. That is exactly what happens when you practice together. Just think of the effect of a football match with a cheering crowd.

During a Reiki meeting you invite the energy together and in it you pull each other up. In addition, sometimes you are not even aware of your wish. By hearing others' experiences and sharing wishes you strengthen that part in each other. This principle also works the other way around, so it is smart to always align with your own highest frequency, so that you can connect with others from that part of you and attract more people and situations that match your highest frequency.

10. Reiki teachers also become ill themselves. How is that possible?

Reiki is not a miracle pill Being ill is part of the cycle of life, it is a way that the body cleanses itself and finds a new balance again. The Reiki energy supports our energy system and our self-healing capacity. Reiki does not bring you eternal life and it does not prevent you from becoming ill or dying. The energy supports you in every process, even in the process of dying. I have noticed that I am ill much less often, and when I am ill, I am better again very quickly.

11. Is an accredited teacher better than a free reach teacher?

The quality of a teacher depends on many factors.
For example, how was the teacher trained?
What is his or her sense of responsibility and how does he or she work with reiki?
Is reiki integrated into his life, or has he completed all the courses in such a short time that he hardly has any understanding of the essence of the energy?

Being recognised by an association generally does not guarantee a good teacher. It is more important to look at the teacher himself and to see if the teacher suits you.

Just as being a member of a professional organisation says nothing about the quality of the teacher. I myself am a member of the Reiki Circle.

12. Is the energy of a master more powerful?

Reiki is powerful in itself, the more our ego steps aside and we follow the natural flow and let it do its work, the more effective the reiki will be. No energy is lost in the fight with the ego (the steering and controlling behaviour of the head: what should I feel? I want to feel this and that")

Sometimes someone with reiki 1 is in a state of "I'm just doing something" which is often a good thing. Open and curious, an observer without judgement of the flow

There are also Masters who want to establish a certain status with the title, which can actually restrict the flow.

At Zensaties, my aim is to carry out the treatments as purely as possible and to be a channel for the Reiki and to give you and nothing of myself.

The Reiki energy is the same for all 3 levels. On the other hand, you have gained more feeling with Reiki because often between Reiki 1 and Reiki 3 you have been treating yourself and/or others for at least a year. Because of this, your confidence in the power of Reiki grows and you dare to let go of your ego that wants to analyse everything and let the Reiki flow from your feelings.

13. Are there different kinds of Reiki?

I can be brief about this. There is one Reiki and no one form is better or worse than another. Since Reiki entered the West in the 1970s, people have continually changed their perception of Reiki. In addition, culture determines the context of Reiki. All this together means that Reiki has acquired different colours and tastes, new ingredients have been added or removed. Reiki has always been given a new look.
Types of wrappings:

  • Shin-do Reiki
  • Tera-mai
  • Jikiden reiki
  • Shambhala Reiki
  • Kundalini Reiki
  • Karuna Reiki
  • Rainbow Reiki
  • Shin-do Reiki

The different forms of Reiki, each with their own jacket, all use a different method to activate and apply the Reiki energy. They also use different techniques and symbols.

It is about the goal that you can achieve with the help of Reiki (among others). It is both a healing energy and a tool for Reiki practitioners to further develop the level of consciousness. When choosing a Reiki course, do not let yourself be led by the form, but use your intuition to choose a Reiki Master whom you think can bring you a step closer to your own light.

14. Which line of the Reiki school system does Kyra pass on?

I teach from 2 systems that originated from students of Mr. Hyashi, who himself was personally trained by Usui. The two systems are the Usui Shiki Ryoho system (the Western tradition) and Jikiden Reiki (the Japanese tradition). I give Reiki myself in an intuitive way by laying on of hands. I am a member of the association of Reiki Masters, the CIRKEL in the Netherlands. I find the Japanese traditions very valuable and you will certainly find them back in my lessons.

The teaching material is basically the same for both systems. Both systems give Reiki through gentle touch by holding the hands on or above the body. Only the way of applying it and certain exercises differ slightly.

During a course, I pass on what I have experienced myself to the deepest part of my cell. I am still learning and therefore new insights, exercises and layers of myself keep coming to the surface. It is possible that in a few years time I will have a different way of teaching, but the core will always be the Reiki energy.

A system of its own

I have taken lessons from 16 different teachers to deepen my knowledge of Reiki. Most of the lessons, information and knowledge that I pass on, I learned from my teacher Frank Arjava Petter, who by the way writes beautiful books that I recommend. My other teacher in the Netherlands is Mary Vermeulen, who is also an acupuncturist.

My teaching material is coloured by various sources of inspiration and information, my own (life) lessons and experiences. There are several healing techniques in the world and many that also work with Ki, life energy. Sometimes during my lessons forms of yoga, Chinese medicine, Qi gong and breathing exercises will be present.

https://www.zensaties.nl/reiki-volgens-kyra/#more-1766 read here a little bit about my way of applying Reiki.

What we have to learn and pass on on earth forms and guides us on our path. We all attract our own teachers and thus pupils. That is why I think it is important that you choose a teacher who resonates with you now. Someone with whom you feel safe, who inspires you and teaches what you want to learn at this moment. https://www.zensaties.nl/wijze-uil-uilskuiken/

15. How intensively did Kyra practice Reiki herself?

I wanted to experience every aspect of myself and Reiki.

The first years I used Reiki for myself and my nearest and dearest. Later I also shared it with acquaintances and that grew into an official practice. When I wanted to become a teacher, I deepened my knowledge even more and also went to Japan to be taught there and to look for the roots of Reiki.

The master I have worked with and learned from most intensively is Mary Vermeulen. I have practised Reiki daily since 2009. For nine years I had a private session twice a month and twice a month I practised with a group. With this I want to indicate how intensively I practised Reiki. All my time, money and attention went to the practice. I wanted to know and feel more and more, I came deeper and deeper into myself and I loved it. The frequency with which I dealt with Reiki is certainly recommendable, but not the standard. Applying Reiki in your life once in a while is also fantastic and always better than not at all.

16. Why don't you have questions about your massages on the FAQ page

Good question!

I received fewer questions about the massages; usually people who are interested in a massage already have experience in that area. Besides, there is a lot to be found on the internet about massage. The pages about Zensaties' programmes including massages often already gave a clear picture on the page itself.

Massages are my great love, both giving and receiving. Passing on Reiki is my passion. Especially as a teacher, I like the fact that I can really give someone something for the rest of his or her life. This passion is so great that I have dedicated the FAQ to it. Who knows, there will be another page about massages.

  • Giving yourself and others a Reiki treatment,
  • Guarding your energy, even when treating others,
  • Integrate the positive effects of Reiki into your life,
  • Getting to know your body's signals,
  • Deepening the connection with yourself (even more),
  • Participate in all Reiki events.