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I am Kyra (1984) and a qualified and experienced NGS sports and relaxation masseur, Reiki master and running instructor. I started as a social pedagogical worker and guided activities in groups. I soon realised that I found one-to-one contact more pleasant to work with. I like to zoom in on people and notice tension quickly and sense where it is stored in the body. This made me curious about how the body works and I decided to follow a massage course.

From hobby to work

After the course, I soon wanted to make massage my profession. I enjoyed it so much that it didn't feel like work. After the course, I continued to study in order to be able to apply professional knowledge to complaints. Through study, experience and an interest from a young age, I have a 'natural grip' that easily locates bottlenecks in the body. I use my knowledge and intuition to achieve the goal of my treatment.

Reiki as a medicine

I see Reiki as an energy that massages your inner self. I started my first Reiki course for myself. I was curious and found it nice to have a healing energy literally always at hand. Reiki has helped me tremendously to become who I am and to listen to my intuition. I was often outside myself and flew from one place to another. Now I am better able to stay in the moment and feel what I really need. Just as a massage relaxes my muscles, Reiki relaxes not only my physical body but also my thoughts. Physical pains can disappear after a treatment. I am still very grateful that I was introduced to this special energy. After the second course, I started treating people around me with Reiki and discovered that Reiki is a wonderful instrument for healing people. I am still learning about Reiki every day. I give myself every Reiki and every day is a celebration of different experiences. Since I have been using Reiki in my life, I hardly ever use medicine.

Touch combined with talking

I have been searching for my balance and happiness for a long time and have sought help in various therapies. Talking helped, but I noticed that I could easily talk around something or paint a different picture. During massages and Reiki I discovered that I could no longer maintain my illusions, because the body does not lie. Through touch in combination with talking, I came more quickly to the core of my problems.

Running as medicine

At one time I was prescribed antidepressants, but I didn't want to take any medication. My psychiatrist then advised me to go running, because I would then produce my own "medicine" (endorphins). That was the best advice he ever gave me. I felt better about myself, felt happier, had more energy, was better able to persevere and slept better. After a few years, I wanted other people to experience this too and started giving running training courses to beginners.

From muscle performance to muscle relaxation

Because I was increasingly physically active, my curiosity for sports massage grew. Besides the massage therapy, I also loved being massaged purely on a muscle level. It helped me to become more aware of my weak points, I could recover much quicker after a heavy workout, which enabled me to start the next workout more smoothly. It helped me to build up new physical energy. I graduated as a sports masseur in 2012.

My spiritual path

Since 2014 I have attended several Shamanic year trainings and participated in "women circles". I have been to Japan, Peru, Bali, Italy, Ibiza and Egypt to connect with the energy and wisdom of ancient traditions rituals in those countries. My one-month visit to Japan consisted of intensive meditation in temples where Usui, the founder of Reiki, also meditated. In Peru, I slept with local people in the Andes mountains and experienced the Nusta Karpay initiations. In Bali, I learned about astrology from Kaypacha and participated in a retreat for more self-love. I travelled through Egypt with Petra Stam, learning about the myths of Egypt and the power of the pyramids and other sacred sites. I learned about the moon, astrology, power animals and the myths. I have participated in a few week-long retreats where we delved into the depths of the week's theme, such as family constellations, transformational breathing and yoga. My spiritual path is mainly for myself, partly as a hobby and partly as a way to get closer to my source of happiness. The lessons I learn from my experiences I share with love with my clients.

My vision of Just zen it.

I am always looking for the balance between Just do it and Just zen it. I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 19 and prescribed drugs like Ritalin. I want to find my balance without artificial ways. I got burnt out from Just do it and created my way of inner peace with Just zen it. I like to pass on the safe basis in myself to people with my working method and offer of Zensaties. From the deep relaxation that you get when you feel safe, healthy patterns emerge that increase your happiness. From deep relaxation we charge and can give and Just do it.

My Method of working today

I now notice that I have changed in the way I teach and carry out my treatments. Since October 2018 Zensaties has a new location and I have inaugurated it as a womb. The intention of the space is that it is a safe haven to land, come home to yourself and be carried in the energy of unconditional love. The massages have become more holistic in nature, which means that I work more from the whole. I see and create a bubble of energy around someone, and in that bubble I want everything to flow. What is stuck, I bring into movement. What the movement brings about is different for each person and each treatment, but always with the aim that the body finds (back) its natural balance. Movements in the energy field have an effect on the physical body. I still work with firm massage strokes, but more from the bubble than from the physical picture. For example, pain in the shoulder may be treated by a massage of the lower back and Reiki for the head. I let myself be guided more and more by my intuition and am open to signals I receive at the moment.

About Kyra:

Zensations, the summary of my search for balance

I have experienced what it is like to be out of balance. I use this experience to help others. Everything that has helped me to get back into balance I have summarised in Zensations, so that I can bring others back to themselves. I enjoy guiding people in their sporting ambitions and helping them to relax their bodies. Do you want to know more about Kyra? Take a look at the page.

My work is diverse and is closely linked to my client's wishes. I can motivate to be more active in life, but also help to find more peace. I can be a listening ear and a motivator, a support. I like to talk about this and that, but I would rather hear how you are really doing. Pressure and stress can give you unprecedented strength, perseverance and focus. But if the stress lasts longer, the positive focus can turn into a restless state of being that is preoccupied with survival. You switch over to your willpower and no longer do things from enthusiasm. The 'want' disappears and 'have to' takes its place. Being in life in this way costs you a lot of energy. Not everything in life can be achieved through willpower (the urge to perform) .... Sometimes a healthy portion of 'waiting power' (patience) will do you more good. I would like to help you find (back) your balance and will.

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